Al fakher Crafted Batch 22


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Al Fakher Crafted Batch 22 250g

You would possibly have to order this combination at the rocks! Ladies and gentlemen we are searching at one of the maximum innovative Al Fakher blends from the crafted series. This is the first time we’ve visible AF utilize an alcoholic beverage in a mixture! As you dive into this mixture you will capture a delicious breeze of lime and a hint of cooling earth fragrance. The 22nd batch brings tequila and eucalyptus collectively on the start and wraps the existing with a scrumptious lime bow. When you want something wonderful and unique, this batch has you covered!

Al Fakher Crafted Batch.

The modern day launch from the sector famous Al Fakher Tobacco, the Crafted Batch collection will deliver an entire new level of taste in your hookah session! They had been running on perfecting these blends for years and it has surely paid off!

Featuring flavors consisting of green tea, passion fruit, and different marvel flavors, the Crafted Batch is right here to expose you (and your tastebuds!) that Al Fakher has even extra delicious flavors in their playbook than the same old line could make you believe you studied.

Because this is from Al Fakher, you might not want to trade your bowl or packing technique with the Crafted Batch. Whether it be in a general Egyptian style bowl or a extra contemporary phunnel fashion bowl, you may put together the Crafted Batch the identical way by sprinkling the tobacco up to the rim ensuring to leave it free inside the bowl for plenty of airflow.

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