Butane Lighter Long Lighter


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Different brands of gas lighters can be availed on the alfakhershishaflavor.com’s website. Order them online and we will deliver them to your doorstep.


Butane Lighter Long Lighter, Fine workmanship; Inflatable; Gold-plated surface, Butane gas, ship without gas, Great for collection.

Product Features:
BIC multi purpose mega lighter with curved handled design and retractable hook. Suitable for barbeque, lighting candles or fireplace. Blister of 1.

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Operating Instructions: Open the cover of the lighter, press the button and the ignition circuit starts and continuously  moves works, so that the lighter is ignited. When the thumb away from the ignition switch, ignition stops discharge.

Lighter is packaged Without gas due to Air Mail regulation, so please fill fuel before the actual lighting.

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