CocoUrth Coconut Hookah Coals

What if I told you that your hookah coals could last 3 times longer? With CocoUrth coals, they can. Each coal is designed to burn slower than any other existing natural coals on the market. That means longer, more effective hookah sessions with each bowl you set up with CocoUrth coals.
Each coal is cut to absolute perfection by use of a cutting technique known as the “golden cut,” which – at this point in time – is a secret technique that ensures each coal is cut perfectly straight while maintaining density. This cut allows the coal to burn 3 times longer than the average coal and also eliminates the output of dusty ash,

Flats and Cubes

CocoUrth Coconut Hookah coals are available in both cubed coals and flat coals, depending on your preference.
Cubed coals are ideal for longer sessions that burn hotter, and are best used with shisha brands that take high amounts of heat (HazeNirvana). Flat coals are better for moderately shorter sessions and shisha that tends to burn a little easier (FantasiaStarbuzz).
Flats and Cubes can be used interchangeably in any hookah session, but you can also tailor your coal experience to your shisha preference!

No Chemicals Added

CocoUrth coals are made without the use of additives, excellerants or any other non-organic materials.

CocoUrth Coconut Hookah Coals

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