Holland Quick Light Hookah Charcoal Box (100 Pieces)


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Holland Quicklight Hookah Coals – 100 Pieces

The Ring Charcoal by Carbopol is considered to be the original ring shaped quicklighting Charcoal Brand on the market providing supplies for your hookahs. Ordinary charcoals heat the Shisha by the heat coming from the burning of charcoal. This results in uneven heating of the shisha, which requires constantly monitoring the temperature of the charcoal. The Ring Coal design allows for air flow through the coal, keeping the coal lit throughout the entire smoking session. Ring Shaped Hookah Coals offer more surface area, allowing for more efficient combustion. Also, they burn slightly warmer than most other quick lighting hookah coals on the market, allowing less charcoal per session. Ring Coals also complement the Vortex and Phunnel Bowls very well, as they do not offer direct heat over the center spire. Manufactured in The European Union, Ring Easy Lite Charcoals in the 38mm version have 5 pieces per roll. Carbopol Shisha Coals can be lit with a torch lighter or open flame offering instant lighting and instant gratification and last for 25-35 minutes per coal. Being primarily used by either avid smokers of hookah pipes or Hookah Lounges, these accessories and parts are specifically designed for Hookah smoking. It is recommended that six rolls of Charcoals be purchased for every 250g Box of Flavored Tobacco.
This Ring charcoal by Carbopol comes in a 5pc 38mm roll.
These are Quick Light shisha coals for hookah pipes that can be lit with a torch lighter or open flame.
Ring Charcoal supplies your hookahs with 25-35 minutes of burn time per coal.
These Easy Lite accessories and parts have a chemical that allows for instant lighting of your coals.
Carbopol manufactures their instant lighting charcoal product in The European Union.
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